PriceCoin: Price Rankings, AI Analytics & Token

Prices are at the heart of every cryptocurrency and are typically the most sought and discussed piece of information among investors. This is why we devoted a cryptocurrency to the prices of coins, the PriceCoin (PRICE) Ethereum Token (Contract: 0x29746166EAf410E99Eb6E538904eFc3A3bE145a8). PriceCoin (PRICE) is an ERC20 Ethereum token with a fixed maximum supply of 1 billion coins.

The PRICE token is an integral element of the PRICE App, which provides coin rankings and analytics along with unique social and analytics features to holders of the PRICE token. Our mascot, the PriceBot, is in charge or generating price statistics and applying AI/ML to price data.

PRICE can be held to unlock special social and AI/ML features of the app, it can be held as investment, it can be traded, or can be used as source of passive income through yield farming. It is listed on Uniswap with locked liquidity and its code has been audited and determined to be safe for investors.

“Hey, I am your AI PriceBot
analyzing all PRICEs all the time
to spot breakouts, trends and
predict prices for you.”

Pricecoin Chart and Breakout Analysis

You can find price charts of Pricecoin and many other coins in our PRICE App. Here the direct link to the Pricecoin breakout detection chart…

Buy/Sell Pricecoin

Buy/sell on Uniswap with the following trading pairs, for example (any ERC20 token possible):

Buy $PRICE (Pricecoin) with $USDC
Buy $PRICE (Pricecoin) with $USDT (Tether)
Buy $PRICE (Pricecoin) with $ETH (Ethereum)

Important Blog Articles

PriceCoin Price Charts

Find our price chart PRICE/USD on Defined, DEXTools, Live Coin Watch, Uniswap, and in the PRICE App

Contract Address

Contract (ETH): 0x29746166EAf410E99Eb6E538904eFc3A3bE145a8
(its an Ethereum Token, use Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or the ETH address of Trust Wallet)

Audited Code & Locked Liquidity

The PriceCoin contract code has been audited by TechRate and found to be safe for investors and token holders. Download full report PDF here…

Liquidity locked on Uniswap via UniCrypt to prevent a Rug Pull. Verify liquidity lock here…

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Total fixed supply of tokens, there can never be more guaranteed by Ethereum blockchain


Holders of $PRICE coin

$8 mio

Fully diluted market cap



Want to invest in or trade $PRICE?

We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can balance the liquidity for investors such that the price can experience a steady growth.

Earn passive income from $PRICE with Yield Farming

Provide liquidity to our investors and earn commissions on the trades.

Project Roadmap 2021

Phase 1 – Launch (Done)

Deploying ERC20 token. Launching website and social media channels. Registration to Etherscan and token platforms.

Phase 2 – Establish (Ongoing)

Providing liquidity to decentralized platforms like Uniswap and 1inch. Start trading. As volume increases, increase liquidity and distribute tokens to early investors (e.g., via airdrops). Launch Airdrop 1.0 and 2.0 to increase base of holders and traders. Perform a significant token burn after airdrops and major listings. Develop and deploy PRICE app for coin rankings and analytics (based on AngularJS). Publish white paper 1.0.

Phase 3 – Growth

Increase PRICE App functionality. Add price predictions and additional analytics.

The analytics roadmap includes (but is not limited to): Social media listening, influencer detection, blockchain social network analysis (trading networks), on-chain activity tracking, AI/ML of time-series and panel data, price prediction and coin success prediction.

Concerning the PRICE token: Spread token liquidity to alternative platforms. Offer various trading pairs. Involve PRICE influencers and establish marketing and technological collaborations. Getting listed on major platforms. Increase marketing effort and growth.

Phase 4 – Maturity

Actively monitor App and further increase functionality and quality. Develop and plan transition to PRICE 2.0 (with ETH 2.0) with POS+Staking functionality and more!

How to buy $PRICE?

Short explanation for how to buy $PRICE. For a more detailed explanation click here…

  • Go to the trading pair on Uniswap
  • Connect your wallet (click on “Connect Wallet” on Uniswap)
  • Type in how much $ETH you want to convert
  • You will receive $PRICE in return
  • Click on “Swap”
  • Use the Ethereum contract ID to recognize $PRICE in your wallet: 0x29746166EAf410E99Eb6E538904eFc3A3bE145a8
    (in METAMASK: +ADD TOKENS -> CUSTOM TOKEN -> Copy paste above Token Address)

Use the Uniswap integration below to buy PRICE directly with ETH.