Phase 1 – Launch (Done)

Deploying ERC20 token. Launching website and social media channels. Registration to Etherscan and token platforms.

Phase 2 – Establish (Ongoing)

Providing liquidity to decentralized platforms like Uniswap and 1inch. Start trading. As volume increases, increase liquidity and distribute tokens to early investors (e.g., via airdrops). Launch Airdrop 1.0 and 2.0 to increase base of holders and traders. Perform a significant token burn after airdrops and major listings. Develop and deploy PRICE app for coin rankings and analytics (based on AngularJS). Publish white paper 1.0.

Phase 3 – Growth

Increase PRICE App functionality. Add price predictions and additional analytics.

The analytics roadmap includes (but is not limited to): Social media listening, influencer detection, blockchain social network analysis (trading networks), on-chain activity tracking, AI/ML of time-series and panel data, price prediction and coin success prediction.

Concerning the PRICE token: Spread token liquidity to alternative platforms. Offer various trading pairs. Involve PRICE influencers and establish marketing and technological collaborations. Getting listed on major platforms. Increase marketing effort and growth.

Phase 4 – Maturity

Actively monitor App and further increase functionality and quality. Develop and plan transition to PRICE 2.0 (with ETH 2.0) with POS+Staking functionality and more!