$PRICE holders challenge!

$PRICE holders have many benefits, including access to special functionality on the PRICE App or Yield Farming. PRICE HODLers are at the heart of Pricecoin! Which is why we want to show our dedication to them in this challenge and many more benefits for holders to come!

Gem stone

We will double the Pricecoins of 3 random NEW holders (bought after 10 AM CEST Juli 1st) (max 100k in PRICE coins) on Sunday Juli 4th 2021. Simply buy and hold PRICE until Sunday 4th 8 PM CEST: https://dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xf91bb6c13f0709fc2845602625809cd61940ac81…#crypto#giveaways#HODL

We will determine new holders based on the transactions on Etherscan. 3 randomly chosen wallets (as determined by Google’s random number calculator) will receive pricecoins from us. We will double the amounts in their wallets up with a cap at 100,000 PRICE. Therefore, if you hold 100,000 PRICE we will send you 100,000 PRICE and you will end up with 200,000 PRICE. If you hold 50,000 PRICE we will send you 50,000 PRICE. If you hold 500,000 PRICE we will send you 100,000 PRICE as the reward is capped at 100,00 max.

Winners can be verified on Etherscan after the drawing. Any Legal recourse is excluded.