Earn Passive Income from $PRICE with Yield Farming

Step-by-Step Guide to Farming Your Liquidity 1) First, you actually need to hold some PRICE in your wallet. If you do not already own PRICE, buy some as described here. 2) Second, you need to open up Uniswap V2’s liquidity pool by clicking on this link. The PRICE-ETH pair will be displayed. Make sure toContinue reading “Earn Passive Income from $PRICE with Yield Farming”

How to buy/sell $PRICE

Use the Uniswap integration below to buy PRICE directly with ETH. Loading… 1.) Click on the Uniswap trading link and then import the PRICE token by clicking on “Import”. The import allows Uniswap to recognize the token. 2.) Now that Uniswap recognizes the token and you can connect your wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet”.Continue reading “How to buy/sell $PRICE”

First Big Airdrop Delivered to 1,000 Participants!

Our first airdrop was a big success! Over 4,400 amazing users participated and contributed to the success of the Airdrop on Twitter and Telegram! We initially limited the airdrop to 1,000 randomly chosen recipients. We used the Excel rand() function to sort the list randomly and then chose 1,000 of that list. Thanks again toContinue reading “First Big Airdrop Delivered to 1,000 Participants!”