$PRICE holders challenge!

$PRICE holders have many benefits, including access to special functionality on the PRICE App or Yield Farming. PRICE HODLers are at the heart of Pricecoin! Which is why we want to show our dedication to them in this challenge and many more benefits for holders to come!

Gem stone

We will double the Pricecoins of 3 random NEW holders (bought after 10 AM CEST Juli 1st) (max 100k in PRICE coins) on Sunday Juli 4th 2021. Simply buy and hold PRICE until Sunday 4th 8 PM CEST: https://dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xf91bb6c13f0709fc2845602625809cd61940ac81…#crypto#giveaways#HODL

We will determine new holders based on the transactions on Etherscan. 3 randomly chosen wallets (as determined by Google’s random number calculator) will receive pricecoins from us. We will double the amounts in their wallets up with a cap at 100,000 PRICE. Therefore, if you hold 100,000 PRICE we will send you 100,000 PRICE and you will end up with 200,000 PRICE. If you hold 50,000 PRICE we will send you 50,000 PRICE. If you hold 500,000 PRICE we will send you 100,000 PRICE as the reward is capped at 100,00 max.

Winners can be verified on Etherscan after the drawing. Any Legal recourse is excluded.


Phase 1 – Launch (Done)

Deploying ERC20 token. Launching website and social media channels. Registration to Etherscan and token platforms.

Phase 2 – Establish (Ongoing)

Providing liquidity to decentralized platforms like Uniswap and 1inch. Start trading. As volume increases, increase liquidity and distribute tokens to early investors (e.g., via airdrops). Launch Airdrop 1.0 and 2.0 to increase base of holders and traders. Perform a significant token burn after airdrops and major listings. Develop and deploy PRICE app for coin rankings and analytics (based on AngularJS). Publish white paper 1.0.

Phase 3 – Growth

Increase PRICE App functionality. Add price predictions and additional analytics.

The analytics roadmap includes (but is not limited to): Social media listening, influencer detection, blockchain social network analysis (trading networks), on-chain activity tracking, AI/ML of time-series and panel data, price prediction and coin success prediction.

Concerning the PRICE token: Spread token liquidity to alternative platforms. Offer various trading pairs. Involve PRICE influencers and establish marketing and technological collaborations. Getting listed on major platforms. Increase marketing effort and growth.

Phase 4 – Maturity

Actively monitor App and further increase functionality and quality. Develop and plan transition to PRICE 2.0 (with ETH 2.0) with POS+Staking functionality and more!

Daily tasks: 4 simple tasks you can do every day to support Pricecoin in a substantive way!

There are a few simple yet effective daily tasks you can do that will substantially help promoting $PRICE:

This will strongly support Pricecoin and help us in a big way! Pricecoin is all about our community and this is how we can help each other to grow together!

Thank you! Your PriceBot (and the whole Pricecoin team 🙂 )

Moved Webseite to New Server Located in Switzerland

We spend our weekend moving the website from a WordPress.com hosting to our own server. The server is located in central Switzerland and is hosted by Hostpoint.ch, a reliable and competent Swiss hosting partner. We already experienced an increase in response times and overall improved user experience.

The new server will also allow us to launch our PriceCoin app soon. Stay tuned!

Tokenomics (updated July 2021)

A key feature of our Tokenomics is that the PriceBot is burning a large proportion of the coins during 2021. He will burn up to 50% of his coins (he already burned 10% so far).

Currently, 13% of the coins are distributed to holders or as liquidity, the plan is to increase to 35% in 2021.

The tokens are currently distributed as follows:

13% Circulating Supply (partly locked at Unicrypt)
40% PriceCoinBot (0x396d30b69f3d57e58fc1fa9e80dfc37ff3cef2d8)
10% BURNED (0xdead000000000000000042069420694206942069)
9% Deployer (0x8c145926b1590520b161a876580bdf88bf69649f)
14% Developer 1 (0x33b7e7621ae9ab18580750753958602195f1813c)
14% Developer 2 (0x4b3e43dc8e4c3e0baf7da67f61963f5d8f2b9216)

Therefore, our future distribution foresees that 70% of the tokens circulate freely.

Earn Passive Income from $PRICE with Yield Farming

Step-by-Step Guide to Farming Your Liquidity

1) First, you actually need to hold some PRICE in your wallet. If you do not already own PRICE, buy some as described here.

2) Second, you need to open up Uniswap V2’s liquidity pool by clicking on this link. The PRICE-ETH pair will be displayed. Make sure to connect your wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet”.

3) You can then type in the amount of PRICE and ETH you want to provide to the liquidity pool (click on “Supply”). Note that you can also always remove your liquidity from the pool at any time. You can also change from ETH to USDT or other tokens by clicking on ETH.

4) You can then view your liquidity pool and its earnings here: https://v2.info.uniswap.org/accounts.

Type in your wallet address to see the liquidity you are farming and the total fees you have generated already. In the example below, the pool earned USD 0.68 on a first trade of about USD 200. The earnings grow the more the pair is traded on Uniswap and they can range between 0-300+% annually. How exactly can your earnings be calculated is explained in the next section.

How does it work?

Like other decentralized exchanges (DEX), Uniswap charges a fee 0.3% on every trade, which is then passed on to all liquidity providers proportional to their share of the liquidity pool.

Liquidity can only be provided in trading pairs. A typical trading pair would be PRICE-ETH, but PRICE can be paired with any other ERC20 token, such as PRICE-USDT, PRICE-USDC, PRICE-LINK, or PRICE-UNI, for example.

Let’s assume you would provide total liquidity in PRICE-ETH worth a total of USD 1,000. We assume that this would account for 1% of the liquidity pool given that the initial liquidity is 100,000 USD. Below you see four illustrative examples how the annual percentage yield (APY) could be calculated (only illustrative and simplified examples). In scenario 0, with very low levels of trading of 0-1,000 USD per day, you would earn about 0-1% per year.

In a more typical and realistic case, assuming that the daily trading volume for $PRICE would reach 10% of the liquidity pool, you would earn around 11% on your investment.

The APY could go up further, however, if the trading volume reaches (scenario 2) or even goes beyond the total liquidity provided (scenario 3). In such highly optimistic scenarios, you may earn up to 100-300%.

How to buy/sell $PRICE

Use the Uniswap integration below to buy PRICE directly with ETH.


1.) Click on the Uniswap trading link and then import the PRICE token by clicking on “Import”. The import allows Uniswap to recognize the token.

2.) Now that Uniswap recognizes the token and you can connect your wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet”.

3.) Once your wallet is connected, type in the amount of ETH you want to spend on PRICE (note that you can buy with many other coins or tokens, just change from ETH to your coin of choice).

Click on “No liquidity! Click to trade with V2” to trade with Uniswap V2 where most liquidity is provided (and locked).

4.) You can now buy by clicking on “Swap”. Note that you can also sell PRICE by reversing the order of the trade by clicking on the arrow in the middle.

5.) The token is now in your wallet! Make sure to add the token information also to your wallet by clicking on “Add Token” -> “Custom Token” -> Contract address: 0x29746166EAf410E99Eb6E538904eFc3A3bE145a8, symbol PRICE, precision 18.