Pricecoin engineering and marketing team

Our PriceCoin.AI team consists mainly of two engineers. Both engineers have considerable experience in software engineering with different programming languages and environments.

DEV1 is our AI/ML coder residing in Switzerland with a Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering from a reputable institution. He is also in charge with the PriceCoin marketing.  
DEV2 is a Web3/Ethereum/Solidity fanatic with a Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering from a reputable Swiss institution and multi-year experience of working in the IT industry in Switzerland. He has considerable experience in developing and managing large-scale e-commerce platforms.  
PriceBot is our AI that helps us to analyze hundreds of coins, thousands of votes, and millions of social media posts related to cryptocurrencies. PriceBot is super smart and speaks various languages such as Python, R, Java and Solidity.

We also heavily rely on a group of highly active volunteers for design work, community management and for maintaining the social media channels:

Azha is our great Community Manager. You can meet him in our Telegram channel. He is always available for help in any matter and supports the team with his creativity and determination.
Delvin is a Growth Marketer that helps promoting the coin across channels.    
Mikehotel44 is our Reddit Community Manager. Meet him in our Reddit group and he will always be available for help and a good chat.  
CV takes care of our artwork and is the creator of our PriceBot mascot.