Tokenomics (updated July 2021)

A key feature of our Tokenomics is that the PriceBot is burning a large proportion of the coins during 2021. He will burn up to 50% of his coins (he already burned 10% so far).

Currently, 13% of the coins are distributed to holders or as liquidity, the plan is to increase to 35% in 2021.

The tokens are currently distributed as follows:

13% Circulating Supply (partly locked at Unicrypt)
40% PriceCoinBot (0x396d30b69f3d57e58fc1fa9e80dfc37ff3cef2d8)
10% BURNED (0xdead000000000000000042069420694206942069)
9% Deployer (0x8c145926b1590520b161a876580bdf88bf69649f)
14% Developer 1 (0x33b7e7621ae9ab18580750753958602195f1813c)
14% Developer 2 (0x4b3e43dc8e4c3e0baf7da67f61963f5d8f2b9216)

Therefore, our future distribution foresees that 70% of the tokens circulate freely.

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